IteraSpace modular solutions are designed to provide flexibility, sustainability, great design, safety, energy efficiency and total comfort.

flexible dimensions: module sizes can be adapted from as little as 8’x20’ to 12’x60’ and more;
easily configurable exterior cladding gives the architect numerous design options;
the sturdy steel frame, floor and roof trusses are designed to handle 3 or more stories and to meet any wind and seismic challenges;
non-combustible design;
only 6 foundation points are needed (four in the corners and two in the middle on the long side);
only four support columns for the roof on 10’x30′ units, placed in the corners, enabling extreme flexibility to create large open spaces;
adaptable wall solutions have minimum thickness of approx. 4” insulation that is easily upgraded to 12 or more inches which gives our units the flexibility to meet any required levels of insulation, together with similarly flexible floor and roof insulation;
numerous interior options including gypsum walls, dropped ceilings, and choice of floor finish;
flexible interior layout;
quick connection system designed to connect the units together in larger complexes;
meeting or exceeding all code requirements;
controlled and approved engineering, design, sourcing and production allow us to adapt to the customers needs to offer the best value;
options include fully finished delivery from the factory or product delivery for on-site assembly and construction;
fully IBC compliant and coded in all states

Modular solutions have never before been so simple. We can engineer the perfect solution for you and your customers.